Lottery Singapore Review

Lottery Singapore is a state-owned lottery company which is responsible for offering general sports betting as well as a number of highly popular lottery games to the public. It is a subsidiary of the Tote Board which is a statutory board under the Ministry of Finance and is the sole legal bookmaker and totalisator for association football and motor racing betting in Singapore.

The Toto lottery is one of the most popular lottery games in Singapore and is still played regularly. The jackpot prize varies from S$1 million to S$2.3 million and is won by matching all 6 main numbers drawn. There is a snowballing feature in the TOTO game, which means that the prize will continue to increase for each draw that the jackpot does not roll over, until it is won by someone who matches all six of the winning numbers.

Toto is a simple game to play and is very similar to 4D Lotto, with the main difference being that Toto involves buying a ticket with a set of six numbers from 1 to 49. The jackpot amount is divided into several tiers, and the prize varies according to the tier that the player chooses.

There is no minimum entry fee and you can buy a ticket for as little as S$1 per day. The Toto lottery is a bi-weekly draw that takes place on Monday and Thursday at 6:30 pm SST.

There is a 180-day waiting period from the date of your win before you can claim your prize. You can collect your winnings at any of the retail outlets or you can make your claim online. For a prize of S$5,000 or more, you will need to make your claim at the SG Pools main office.